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18 years experiences in sintering industry's production management since 1999
Quality, the soul of our enterprise
Strong technical force, advanced detection equipment

Company Profile

Sany filter is the leading manufacturer and researcher of sintered metal media in China. We have more than 18 years experiences on metal sintered filter media and stainless steel filter element production.

We have the entire production line of filter production, including vacuum sintered furnace, welding machine,laser cutting machine, levelling machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, and media testing equipments such as air permiablity instrument and tension testing instrument etc.

Our products are exported to Germany, USA,Mexico,South Korea, Thai, India, Pakistan,Singapore,Japan and Malaysia every month.

We have got long time cooperation with more than30 companies

We believe that there will be more and more international companies to get good service from us.

Project case&Solutions.

Chemical Fiber Melt Filter Candle

BDO Filter DIsc

Chemical Leaf Disc Filter

Methanol Filter Candle

Dust Remove Felt Cartridge


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How do you conduct quality control?

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What is the usage of a filter

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January 12, 2018.


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