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Metal Filter Element

Metal Filter Element

Product Name Shape Composition
Metal Filter Cartridge Cartridge Mesh / perforated sheet + mesh / fiber felt + mesh
Metal Filter Disc Disc Mesh / fiber felt + mesh
Metal Filter Cone Cone Mesh / perforated sheet + mesh

Metal Filter Cartridge

Application case:

Standard sintered metal mesh filter cartridge for chemical process industries. Perforated sheet sintered with metal mesh filter cartridge usually is used for water treatment.

Sintered metal fiber felt cartridge can be used hot gas filter, replace the traditional non-metal filter bag, used for dust-removing.

Metal pleated filter candle is used for chemical fiber industries

Sintered Metal Mesh Filter Disc

Product introduction

The filter media of this product is sintered woven wire mesh. The number of mesh layers could be 2layer, 3 layers, 5 layers , 6 layers or other.

Pharmaceutical Filter Disc

BDO Filter Disc

Chromatographic Column Filter Disc

Polymer Leaf Disc Filter

Application Case:

Pharmaceutical filter disc is widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical,food industry etc;

BDO filter disc used for BDO and TDI filtration ;

Chromatographic column filter disc is used for the chromatography equipment; High efficiency filtration up to 99% of methyl alcohol element filter;

Polymer leaf disc filter mainly used for biaxially oriented film(BOPET, BOPP, BOPA, BOPI) and battery separate film production.

Sintered Metal Mesh Filter Disc

Product introduction:

Made of sintered wire mesh. Compared to the cylinder type, the cone type will have smaller differential pressure.

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