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How to maintain the filter equipment precision microporous filter ?


    How to maintain the filter equipment precision microporous filter ?

    Update Time:2018/11/16
    Precision Microporous Filter has been widely used in all walks of life. Its importance is self-evident. Precise microporous filter not only provides a great convenience for related industries, but also realizes more social benefits. Proper micro-pore filter maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the filter, but also improve the filter effect of the precision microporous filter. So the question is, how to properly maintain precision microporous filter? 

    First, filtration directly determines the filtering rate of the filter. In the process of filtration, impurities will be filtered through the gap, or even a large filter cloth gap, affect the effect of filtration, so the regular cleaning of the filter cloth is the most basic method of maintenance.Second, pressurized warehouse must drain water, discharging device platoon material, lest cause filter pressure too large, affect the coordination and cooperation between the components. Finally, the maintenance method of the filter also includes the rust-proof in the equipment, in general, the filter is airtight work, and through the filter processing belongs to the liquid, its internal components in the humid working environment, easy to lead to internal metal parts rust, so must do a good job of internal parts rust. Filter manufacturers generally choose stainless steel materials, or on the surface of some metal parts coated with antirust paint, in order to prevent metal parts from rusting. Filters inside the filter cloth, strainer, up and down valve, upper and lower vent is easy to accumulate rubbish parts, must be cleaned regularly, if there is a failure to replace, to ensure the product moisture, and prevent impurities such as slime hanging in the sensor outer layer, affecting the normal operation of the sensor. 

    The more sophisticated instruments need to rely on high-quality maintenance to maintain the normal efficiency, in the enjoyment of high-tech equipment to modern life to bring convenience, but also can not ignore the importance of maintenance. Maintaining a good machine can reduce the probability of a safety accident and prolong its life.
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