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Bronze sintered porosity plate

Bronze sintered porosity plate
Bronze sintered porosity plateBronze sintered porosity plateBronze sintered porosity plateBronze sintered porosity plateBronze sintered porosity plate
CategoriesSintered Copper Powder Filter
ModelSintered Bronze Powder Filter
MaterialBronze / copper
ApplicationIndustrial Filtration
FeatureHigh Filtration Precision
ShapeCartridge/Disc or On Request
OEM ServiceAccepted
Brand NameSany
Unit PriceUS $ 5-15 / piece
FOB portQingdao,Shanghai or other Chinese ports
Terms of PaymentL/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update TimeMay 28,2024
Detail Information

Sany sintered bronze powder filter introduction

It is sintered in high temperature by bronze powder or copper powder, which is mainly used in purification and filtration of various medium or industrial mufflers.

Sintered Bronze Filters Elements are made of bronze ball or irregular powders.This filter elements via high temperatures sintering process to be any shape by the moulds.


Sintered Filters ELements are widely used in chemical,pertroleum,metallurgy,air carft,gas,electronic,pharmacy,pneumatic,air regulator components,pressure filter elements,air filters and etc fields.



Pneumatic and Automatic,Gas Sensor ,Hydraulic and etc


Filter Rating:


Sintered Filter Elements have different aperture,porosity and filter rating,the general filter rating are 5micron to 80micron.


Filter Shape:


Could be cartridge filters,disc filters ,cup filters,cap filters,filter palte and etc.


Sany sintered bronze powder filter technical parameters


 Sany Sintered Bronze Powder Filter


 Bronze or Copper powder.

 Micron Rate

 From 0.5um to 80um, optional.

 Max aperture


 Air permeability



 0.8''  1.2''  1.4''  1.6''  2''  2.4''  (1''=25mm)

 Max length

 40''  (1''=25mm)

 Wall thickness 

 3 mm


 Filter Element、Filter Leaf、Muffler Element etc.

 Max temperature


 Max pressure


 Working condition

 Air, Water, Oil, Organic Solvent

Sany sintered bronze powder filter character

1.High filtration precision, stable pore and no change of pore diameter with pressure change

2.Good air permeability and low pressure loss

3.Good rigidity, good plasticity, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance

4.The pore uniformity is especially applicable to fluid distribution and homogenization

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