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Problems with the beverage industry filter

Problems with the beverage industry filter

Aug 31,2018
The mass media often reported the news of contamination into products of food and beverage on TV and     in the newspaper. And there are many recalls of the products by claim of contamination into them. The consumers worry about food safety by the news and they pay more attention to food safety. As a result there are some companies that their sales decreased a lot and some companies that their reputation has declined due to contamination into their products. In such a situation, beverage manufactures replace their elements with our Sintered wire mesh strainers (high safety strainer) to prevent contamination into their products.

               High quality - ISO9001 DNV Management System Certificate Manufacturing products by the most advanced facilities
               Wash ability - Cleaning by high pressure jet washer, brushing, steam, sterilization etc. Using repeatedly after cleaning
               Long life - Long life because of their high strength and durability
               Cost advantage - strainers are usable more longer period than ordinary strainers however the purchasing cost
               would be high.
               Materials - SUS316 or SUS316L, Sanitary because of SUS material
               Size - Manufacturing and providing various sizes of strainers upon customer's request    

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