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Sany Pleated filter cartridge high quality performance

Sany Pleated filter cartridge high quality performance

Aug 30,2018
Xinlifilter Technology Co., Ltd. uses high-quality stainless steel as raw material, high quality, advanced production and welding technology, using automatic welding equipment, including stainless steel folding filter, stainless steel sintered felt filter, stainless steel mesh sintered filter, stainless steel powder sintered filter, stainless steel non-standard Customized filter cartridges and high-flow filter cartridges are available in a wide range of filtration products to provide you with a full range of filtration products. The main filter material of the folding cartridge filter is made of multi-layer stainless steel sintered mesh, which is the ideal filtering original for filtration, washing and drying machine (referred to as three-in-one). Its filtration accuracy is 1 to 300um, and the diameter can be customized according to customer requirements. The structure of the folding cartridge filter can be divided into a whole type and a split type, which are widely used in the industrial process to control the gas distribution state, the transfer and fluidization of the powder material, and the fluidization technology is carried out in the chemical process. Mass transfer, heat transfer and chemical reactions.
It has the following excellent characteristics: 
1) Uniform pore distribution, stable control characteristics of flow and resistance; 
2) High strength, high rigidity, convenient installation and maintenance; 
3) Good mass transfer, heat transfer and solubility, efficiency High, low gas consumption; 
4) High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wide application environment; 
5) Large operation flexibility, convenient process adjustment, material leakage, elimination of breakdown and clogging, long service life; sintered metal mesh The board is widely used in the injection of pulverized coal from alumina and ironmaking blast furnaces. The folding cartridge filter is an ideal filter element for filtration, washing and drying machines (referred to as three-in-one).

General cleaning principle and method: 
A. Chemical cleaning Commonly used * Wide and effective cleaning solvent is acid-base cleaning solution. The chemical cleaning method is a cleaning method for collecting the effects commonly used in polyester grease filters. 
B. Ultrasonic wave reduction method Ultrasonic wave energy is a continuous wave of pressurized and expanded energy. This energy is applied to the liquid to generate air pockets and continuously rupture, resulting in effective ultrasonic cleaning. 
C. Heat treatment cleaning Vacuum pyrolysis, heating tank, liquefied bed, and hot salt bath are the treatment methods that should be considered when chemical cleaning methods are not effective.
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