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What's Sintered Stainless Perforated Metal Filters for Putty?


    What's Sintered Stainless Perforated Metal Filters for Putty?

    Update Time:2019/2/20

    Sintered Stainless Perforated Metal Filters

    Sintered Stainless Perforated Metal Filters Product Image:

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    Sintered Stainless Steel Mesh Code 7 Filter Cartridge Product Characters:

    Material:Stainless Steel 304,316L

    Size:Customize Size

    Mesh count:1-635 Mesh

    Main Connections:



    1. Standard ( 222, 220, 226) 

    2. fast interface

    3. thread

    4. flange

    5. the rod

    6. special customization 


    1. Corrosion resistance, heat   resistance

    2. High porosity and excellent  permeability, 

    low pressure drop and high flow rate

    3. Can be welded and machined

    4. Washable, reusable

    5. Special size and shape can be made according to customer's request.

    6. Shape\size etc, all specifications can be customized.


    1.Water treatment.

    2.Oil filtration



    5.Chemical fiber

    6.High temperature

    media f

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