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Metal Sintered Fiber Felt Structure


    Metal Sintered Fiber Felt Structure

    Update Time:2019/2/22
    The metal sintered felt is compacted and sintered by a very fine (the finest 3UM) stainless steel fiber in a three-dimensional labyrinth. The metal fiber used in the sintering process is very high.

           The L/D (length/diameter) ratio allows a number of contact points of the fiber to be welded together to create a filter material without fiber shedding. In order to enhance the strength of the filter material, the net can be sintered on the product. The filter media has no media migration and is particularly strong (even at very high temperatures and pressures).

           In order to increase the effect and life, it is also possible to combine the metal fiber limbs of different diameters into compaction and compaction to form a stereoscopic progressive asymmetric filter material, and to intercept particles of different particle sizes at different levels for optimal filtration. The result and the longest life. It can also be sintered into various specifications and forms (including thickness, filtration performance, etc.) according to different requirements of customers.
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