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Metal Stainless Steel Sintered Felt Is The Ideal Filter Material

Metal Stainless Steel Sintered Felt Is The Ideal Filter Material

Sep 17,2018
The use of metal frit felt is more and more in the current filtration industry, then it can be said that the advantages of metal frit felt must be many, what are the main uses of metal frit felt? The high quality performance of metal frit felt where is it?

Our common metal frit felts are generally made of micron-sized metal fibers that are non-woven and then laminated and disintegrated and sintered at high temperatures. Most of the sintered felts are formed by different pore size gradients, which can be controlled by control. Higher filtration accuracy and larger dirt holding capacity of the single layer felt. And the sintered felt can effectively maintain the filtering effect of the filter cloth, and three-dimensional mesh.

Therefore, the metal sintered felt has high porosity, uniform distribution and increased surface area. The porous structure effectively overcomes the defects of easy damage and easy clogging of the metal mesh, and the powder filter product is fragile and the flow rate is small; compared with the conventional use Filter cloth and filter paper effectively increase the advantages of high temperature resistance and pressure resistance.

Therefore, the metal sintered felt not only has excellent filtration performance, but also is an ideal filter material for many high precision, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

The stainless steel sintered mesh is made up of a plurality of unused single-layer stainless steel wires, which are then sintered, pressed and rolled, so that it has high mechanical strength and overall rigidity. The cleaning cycle is shorter than the sintering felt, but the amount of dirt is small.

And the range of use of stainless steel sintered mesh is also more extensive. In the actual operation, we can choose the right product according to the needs, whether it is stainless steel sintered mesh or sintered felt is an ideal filtering product.

The metal sintered felt can maintain the characteristics of the filter cloth, adopts a porous mechanism, and has a high porosity, so the surface area is also relatively large, and the uniformly distributed mesh hole further enhances the filtration effect. In addition, the metal sintered felt effectively compensates for the high temperature and pressure resistance of the mesh, the dirt holding capacity is larger, the filtering precision is excellent, the pressure rises slowly, the replacement cycle becomes longer, and the metal is extended. The service life of the sintered felt. Compared with the metal mesh, it overcomes the characteristics of easy clogging and easy damage of the metal mesh, and the flow rate has been further increased. It is not suitable for crushing. It can be used in high temperature, acid and alkali, organic solvents and medicines, and has strong corrosion resistance.
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