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How long is the average life of the sintered mesh?


    How long is the average life of the sintered mesh?

    Update Time:2019/5/17

    Usually, the sintered mesh can be used for one year. In fact, the service life of the sintered mesh has a related relationship with the material and working environment of the sintered mesh. It is well known that the most widely used materials for sintered mesh are sus304 and sus316L. Sus304 contains carbon higher than sus316L, and the severity of the fault and sus316L contain key elements, so corrosion resistance 316L is better than 304. The material of the sintered mesh is closely related to the working temperature. Usually sus304 and 316L have the same working temperature, and the sintered mesh has a long-term temperature of -200-550 degrees Celsius. If this sinters the mesh, the temperature can reach 800 degrees Celsius. It is conceivable that if the sintered mesh is above its adapted temperature, it is naturally vulnerable.

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