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What's Double Structure Water Filter Basket ?


    What's Double Structure Water Filter Basket ?

    Update Time:2019/5/8

    Double Structure Water Filter Basket

    The Sintered Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Basket Filter Element is a small device to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid, the normal working of the device can be protected, the impurities are blocked when the fluid into the set a certain specification filter cartridge, clean filtrate from the filter outlet discharge, when the need to be cleaned, the removable cartridge remove processed reload can be, therefore, it is extremely easy to use and maintenance.


    Sintered Stainless Steel Basket Filter detail:



     Micron Rate


     Pressure Range


     Max Temperature





     Higher mechanical strength, Better backwash efficiency, Lower pressure drop  loss,self-cleaning


     Water treatment, Beverage, Food, Metallurgy, Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

    Sintered Stainless Steel Self-cleaning Water Filter Basket Image8.jpgwtf.jpg

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