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What's the Sintered Fiber Felt Filter Cartridge Introduction


    What's the Sintered Fiber Felt Filter Cartridge Introduction

    Update Time:2019/4/28
    The stainless steel sintered felt filter element is made of ultra-fine metal fiber (diameter accurate to micron), non-woven, and laminated at high temperature. The stainless steel sintered felt forms a hole gradient from different pore layers, which can be controlled to obtain extremely high filtration precision and a larger amount of dirt. It has the characteristics of three-dimensional network, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area and uniform pore size distribution, which can continuously maintain the filtering effect of the filter cloth. Due to the above structure and characteristics, the stainless steel sintered felt can effectively compensate for the weakness of the metal mesh, which is easy to block and vulnerable, and can make up for the brittleness of the powder filtration product and the small flow rate. It has the temperature resistance and resistance of ordinary filter paper and filter cloth. The characteristics of pressure, so stainless steel metal sintered felt is an ideal high temperature, corrosion resistant, high precision filter material.
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