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Metal sintered mesh filter classification


    Metal sintered mesh filter classification

    Update Time:2019/3/7
    1. Filter cylinder
     Filter cylinder elements are common in various types of metal sintered mesh filters and are widely used. Whether it is oil filtration, water filtration or air filtration, the filter can be used for filtration purification. It should be emphasized that the chemical compatibility of the filter element is very reliable, and even if it is faced with an acid-base organic solvent, it has an ideal filtration effect.

    2.sintering filter cartridge
    Sintering filter cartridge is more intuitive flash point "two high", one is high porosity, the second is high mechanical strength; there is also a flash point is high temperature resistance. Therefore, it is the preferred filter element for high pressure backwash oil filters and is often used for dust removal at elevated temperatures.
    3. Sintered stencil
    Among our Ada customers, there are roughly three types of sintered stencils, one is used as a dispersion cooling material, the second is used as a bulk material for fluid distribution or fluidized bed, and the third is used in High pressure backwash oil filter above.
    4, sintered mesh filter disk
    The sintered mesh filter disc can be said to be filtered, washed and dried in the body, in addition to normal lubricating oil, hydraulic oil filtration, water treatment and gas filtration, those high temperature, corrosive liquid, it can also complete the filtration.
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