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What's the characteristics of stainless steel fluid bed ?


    What's the characteristics of stainless steel fluid bed ?

    Update Time:2018/11/10

    Stainless steel fluid bed features:

    1. High porosity, uniform airflow distribution, stable control characteristics of permeability and flow resistance;

    2, can be designed according to user needs;

    3. High mechanical strength, high rigidity, convenient installation and maintenance;

    4. Good mass transfer, heat transfer and fluidization, high efficiency and low gas consumption;

    5. When the granular object is removed, the residual amount is very small and easy to clean;

    6. It can flow in a gradient less than the angle of repose (some powders can flow in an inverse gradient);

    7. Easy to process, forming, good weldability;

    8. high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, suitable for a wide range of environments;

    9. It has large operation flexibility, convenient process adjustment, and can eliminate breakdown and blocking faults, and has a long service life.

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