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What's the cleaning methods for Fe-Cr-Al Fiber Felt?


    What's the cleaning methods for Fe-Cr-Al Fiber Felt?

    Update Time:2018/11/8
    Here are a few general cleaning principles and methods:

    A, chemical cleaning. The most widely used and effective cleaning solvent is the acid-base cleaning solution, and the chemical cleaning method is the best cleaning method commonly used for collecting the polyester condensation filter.

    B, super-wave clearing method. Ultra-wave energy is a continuous pressurized and expanded wave energy that is applied to a liquid, creates air pockets, and ruptures continuously, causing effective ultrasonic cleaning.

    C, heat treatment cleaning. Vacuum pyrolysis, heating tanks, liquefied beds, and hot salt baths are the treatments that should be considered when chemical cleaning methods are not effective. The cleaned filter element is bubbled (special attention should be paid to the filter element of the folded part), and the pressure drop of the filter element is measured.

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