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Why Choose Powder Filter Cartridge?


    Why Choose Powder Filter Cartridge?

    Update Time:2018/11/6
    Stainless steel powder sintered filter application:
    Medium purification and flow restriction of pneumatic components, lubricating oil, fuel oil and hydraulic pressure system, silencer, explosion-proof, dust removal and fire resistance of various mechanical equipment, compressed air degreasing, crude oil desanding filtration, nitrogen and hydrogen (sulfur-free) filtration , pure oxygen filtration, bubble generator and flotation bed gas distribution.

    Precautions for the use of stainless steel powder sintered filter:
    1. High-temperature alloy powder sintered filter is a consumable. Although it is more durable than other filter elements, it should be careful not to scratch, bump, smash or fall during cleaning and disassembly to prevent human damage. Do not use tools to apply force to the surface of the filter element.
    2. Under normal circumstances, the filtrate is filtered from the outside to the inside of the filter. Reverse filtration is not recommended.
    3. When filtering, slowly pressurize to the required working pressure, and it is strictly forbidden to open the valve for rapid pressurization.
    4. When the working pressure is less than or equal to 50%, the cleaning efficiency should be backflushed online with clean air or clean liquid.
    5. When the high temperature alloy powder sintered filter element is backflushed and backwashed, it is generally backflushed with pure gas. The backflushing pressure is 1.2-1.5 times of the working pressure, and each backflushing time is 3-5 seconds. Repeated operation 4- After 6 times, backwash with clean liquid, backwash for 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times.
    6. If the stainless steel metal powder filter is backflushed backwashed, the pressure loss is still serious, and it should be removed in time for cleaning.

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