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Why choose pleated sintered fiber felt filter?


    Why choose pleated sintered fiber felt filter?

    Update Time:2018/10/31

    Pleated Sintered fiber felt filter standard specifications:

    1. Standard size: non-standard, can be customized;

    2. Special specifications can be formulated according to customer requirements;

    3. Interface type: interface type: 222/226, standard interface, threaded interface, custom interface, tie rod connection, flange connection, quick interface connection, etc.

    4. The filtering accuracy is: 5-80um;

    5. Standard material: SUS316L or iron chrome aluminum fiber;

    The main filter material of the Pleated sintered felt filter is stainless steel fiber sintered felt, also known as the fracturing felt/corrugated metal filter. The stainless steel fiber sintered felt is used as the core filter layer, and the stainless steel fiber sintered felt is sintered by metal fiber wire, and the metal The fiber filament is a multi-metal wire composite bundle, and is simultaneously stretched to a usable fiber diameter, and then bundled into a wire by the same weight and a standard diameter, cut, and made into a fluffy felt by a suitable method, and the sintered felt is Several kinds of fluffy felts of different diameters are arranged in order to form a certain thickness of stacked fibers, and the fibers cross each other to form three-dimensional pores, which are then sintered by high temperature vacuum and then pressed to the finished sintered felt.

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