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Why Choose Metal Stainless Steel Fluid Bed?


    Why Choose Metal Stainless Steel Fluid Bed?

    Update Time:2018/11/10

    Fluid Bed Application:

    When the air passes through the layer of the solid particles randomly filled from bottom to top, and the gas flow rate reaches or exceeds the critical fluidization speed of the particles, the particles in the layer are up and down, and some particles are entrained by the gas stream. The state is called a fluidized bed.
    The role is generally used in solid drying, cooling, powder conveying, boiler burning materials and the like.

    Classification of fluid Bed

    1.Stainless steel sintered mesh fluid bed
    2.Ceramic fluid bed
    3.PE powder fluid bed
    4.Metal powder fluid bed
    5.Filter cloth

    Ceramic Fluid Bed Shortcoming:

    1. Fragile, poor processability;
    2. Poor gas permeability and poor thermal stability.

    PE Powder Fluid Bed Shortcoming:

    1. Poor wear resistance and high temperature resistance;
    2. Poor permeability and low intensity.

    Metal Power Fluid Bed Shortcoming :

    1. Fragile
    2. Poor air permeability.

    Filter Cloth Shortcoming:

    1. Low strength and high temperature resistance;
    2. Poor air permeability and wear resistance.

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