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What's Sintered Wire Mesh Application ?


    What's Sintered Wire Mesh Application ?

    Update Time:2018/10/19
    In the stainless steel sintered mesh, it not only overcomes the poor rigidity and low strength of the ordinary wire mesh, but also has excellent filtration precision and heat resistance by reasonable design of permeability and pore size and strength. Sex, processability and filter impedance. By comparison, it can also be found that the comprehensive performance of the stainless steel sintered mesh is far superior to other filtered materials.

    Stainless steel sintered mesh can be used in high temperature industries. The high-temperature flue gas pollution is generated along with the production process of various industrial furnaces. For high-temperature flue gas treatment with temperatures above 300 °C, the high-temperature flue gas is basically cooled to the appropriate temperature at home and abroad. The treatment is carried out, and the effect of the treatment is limited by various factors, so that the treatment cost is greatly increased. Due to the high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical and physical properties of the stainless steel sintered mesh, the filtration efficiency is high, the cleaning effect of the cleaning is good, and the filtration wind speed can be increased by 3 to 5 times than that of the ordinary chemical fiber filter material. An important role.

    Stainless steel sintered mesh is a suitable filter material for a wide range of filters, especially for melt filtration. At the same time, in the stainless steel sintered mesh, after the metal mesh is used for the preparation, it can be made into any shape as needed. At the same time, the stainless steel sintered mesh has a small flow resistance and can be used for coarse filtration and surface filtration of the system.

    Stainless steel sintered mesh is a new type of filter material with high mechanical strength and overall rigid structure after special lamination pressing and vacuum sintering. The meshes of the layers of the screen are interlaced to form a uniform and ideal filtering structure, which not only overcomes the defects of low strength, poor rigidity and unstable mesh shape of the ordinary metal mesh, but also can be used for the pore size of the material. The permeability and strength characteristics are reasonably matched and designed, so that it has excellent filtration precision, filtration resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and processability. The comprehensive performance is obviously superior to sintered metal powder and ceramics. Other types of filter materials such as metal mesh.

    Stainless steel sintered mesh is in use, its price is easy to approach, and it has high efficiency and high precision. Therefore, it is recognized and trusted by consumers. In the future filtration market, it also has a large development space, and the versatility is also stronger.

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