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What are the feature and application areas of the basket filter?


    What are the feature and application areas of the basket filter?

    Update Time:2018/8/20


     XINLI SS Basket Stainer Filter Equipment usedmetal basket filter as filter element,consist of connecting pipe,cylinder,basket,flange,flange cover and fastener.The connecting pipe remove largesolid impurities in the fluid,make mechanical equipmentincludingcompressor and pump,dashboard work normally,attach a stableprocess and ensure safe production.

     As the liquid enters the basket through the cylinder,solid impurities are trapped in the basket, and the clean liquid passes throughthe basket and is discharged from the filter outlet.When need to clean ,just  unscrew the screw plug at the bottom of themain pipe, drain the fluid, remove the flange cover, and refill it aftercleaning.

    Product Feature:

    1.Simple and reliablestructure;

    2.Small pressure drop loss;

    3.High filtration precision;

    4.The filter is used for life without replacement;

    5.Long service life;

    6.Low running cost, easy operation management;

    7.Widely application range;

    8.Easily maintain;

    Product Application:

    1.Weak corrosion materialfiltration: Water,oil,ammonia,hydrocarbon in chemical or oil production

    2.Corrosion materialfiltration in chemical: Caustic soda,soda ash,concentrated sulfuric acid,Carbonic acid,Aldonic acid

    3.Low temperature materialin refrigeration: Liquidmethane,ammonia,oxygen and various refrigerants

    4. Food & Beverage andPharmaceutical: Bear,juice,dairyproducts,syrup.

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